A virtual 1-on-1 session or in-person style session is required prior to becoming a Style Me Stylish member.


Are you aware there is nothing worse than looking at your clothes when you're getting ready to go out and finding you have nothing to wear? 

How many times has that happened to you? No matter how big your wardrobe is, unless you start to learn how to manage it well, you will always run into this problem!

You should know coordinating your clothes well is an often overlooked skill, but when you have mastered it and know what goes well with what, it will make getting dress a breeze.

When it comes to personal style it’s only one part of the puzzle. How you implement that style is another factor.  I will teach you how to be a proactive shopper. You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes and build a wardrobe with a solid foundation. We will create a focused shopping list of what is needed in your wardrobe. The ultimate goal is to build a great wardrobe that you will love and save you time in getting dress in the morning.



  • You feel bored or uninspired by what’s in your closet right now

  • You need help figuring out how to mix and match items in your closet

  • You’re all out of ideas on what to wear and keep pulling out the same old outfits

  • You want to get organized, and only have clothes you LOVE

  • You want to know exactly what to wear every day, with ease!

  • You are tired of wearing the same work outfits

  • You’re overwhelmed by the thought of getting new clothes, but you know something has to change

  • You’re ready to step up your game and become your most stylish and confident self



1. Sign-up for your Monthly Membership – You will then need to complete a client style questionnaire so I can understand your needs. The client questionnaire link is provided within your confirmation email once you book your membership. Be prepared to provide a Pinterest inspiration board and pictures of yourself. All must be submitted prior to starting your membership – no funny business.

2. Discovery Call (30 to 60 min)  -  This is where I get to learn more about your personal style or what you want your personal style to be. We curate a personal shopping list based on your wardrobe gaps, style and lifestyle. We will get down to the root of any style challenges you’re facing.

3. Create Your Virtual Closet – Nikki will send you a link to start adding items into your virtual closet. This gives Nikki the ability to create looks with your existing wardrobe and new purchased items.

Your Virtual Closet will consist of (3) sections:

  • CLOSET: this is where you will upload photos of your existing wardrobe (clothing, accessories, shoes)

  • FINDS: shopping recommendations by Nikki along with comments of each item. You can purchase any of the recommended items by simply clicking the item. Once you purchase the item, you can add it into your closet. Super cool, right!

  • LOOKBOOK: this is where I will curate looks from your existing wardrobe along with any new items purchased.

4. Handpicked Items & Lookbook – Nikki will do some online shopping based on your personalized shopping list. You will then receive an email from Nikki stating, “Items have been added into your closet”. You will find these items in “FINDS” section of your closet and can be purchased by clicking the item. Additionally, your lookbook will have outfit formulas created with your existing wardrobe and/or recommended items to be purchased.

Monthly membership rates are subject to change. Once you become a member, you’re grandfathered into that rate unless you cancel your membership.



  • Can I change what we originally curated together on my personalized shopping list?

    • Sure thing! Just submit your request here.

  • When will my card be charged for the monthly membership?

    • Monthly membership fee is due upon signing up. The card that is used to sign up for the monthly membership, will be charged monthly automatically on that same day of every month.

  • Do you work with a variety of sizes and body shapes?

    • Absolutely, Nikki finds items truly personalized to your needs. It helps when you share your photos when creating your virtual closet and let me know what parts of your body you like to highlight and which you like to downplay. 

  • What if the item that Nikki finds is out of stock, can I get an alternative option?

    • Nikki does her best in ensuring an item is not out of stock. However, this will happen from time to time especially if the item is on sale. It is important that you view your curated looks quickly to prevent this from happening. Nikki will honor (1) alternative item for one look per month.

  • Can you work within my budget?

    • Yes, I can work within your budget. I will shop the entire internet and can focus on price points that work for you. You can help by sharing how you think about price for different items, how you feel about "investment" vs. "trendy" pieces, how you feel about full-price vs. sale items.

  • Who is eligiable for this monthly style service?

    • Women who are at least 18 years of age.

    Am I able to cancel my membership?

    • Absolutely! I would hate to see you go but I understand if you have nailed the art of curating outfits. Just send Nikki an email at with subject "CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP". Be sure to give at least a 10 day notice before your next billing.

  • When should I receive my monthly curated looks?

    • Your curated looks are sent out on a revolving schedule and are based off your enrollment period of when you sign up as a Style Me Stylish member.