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GET IT TOGETHER | Detox Closet + Wardrobe Audit: Let’s admit it, most of us keep clothes that don’t fit or just have sentimental value that you don’t actually wear. I will go through your wardrobe a piece at a time, help you determine what to keep, what to donate and what to consign. After the wardrobe audit is complete, your favorite and most flattering pieces will be organized and put back into your closet. Once we have determined what to keep, I will help you build looks from what you have and decide what you should add.

What’s Included?

  • 2hrs - Wardrobe Audit and Re-Organizing Closet
  • Style Assessment
  • Personalized list of any gaps within your wardrobe



I ask that you snap a few pictures of your closet prior to your session, so that I can make a quick assessment and recommend the best organizational supplies for your closet space. 

I will then send you links of the recommended supplies that would help maximize your closet space.

Lastly, I will have you complete a style assessment questionnaire that will help me learn what your personal style is. This will also help maximize our time together during your closet therapy session.


Define Your Style

1. Discuss your style assessment you completed. We will discuss your lifestyle to identify your true style aesthetic. What message would you like to put out there professionally and socially?

Wardrobe Audit

2.  A thorough editing process, streaming your wardrobe according to your new style aesthetic. I will help you identify what to keep, donate, and consign.  I will guide you on how to best remove these pieces from your closet. I can resell them for you via the best local consignment stores, online resellers and/or donations with companies/brands I have worked with and trust.

At the end of this stage, your closet will be organized and merchandised in a way that will allow you to effortlessly “Shop Your Closet” every day.


3. Once I have everything all organized, we will go through new outfit options and ideas using the pieces you already own.  

Fill in the Gaps (Shopping)

4. We will create a focused shopping list of what is needed to “fill in the gaps” of your new style-focused wardrobe.


I will send you an email with links to items that can enhance your style and help keep you organized. Now that your wardrobe is functional and organized I will be available for closet touch-ups, creating new outfit ideas or any other style + closet needs you may have.