Half-Tuck Shirts



Spring is here – time to shake things up a bit in the fashion department. After all, we’re probably all getting bored of our bulky winter neutrals anyways, right? I know I am. 

I’m a huge fan of half-tucking my shirt! This is a kick-ass way to style a simple tee and still look put together with showing some waist definition. It’s super easy to pull off, regardless of your style. All you need to do is tuck your shirt half-in and BAM. Done and done! However, this style can be a little trickier than it seems to pull off – you can quickly run the risk of looking like you threw something together and ran out the door. But never fear – there totally are easy ways to fix this and guarantee that you’ll look amazing and totally carefree, too. Let’s break it down bit by bit.


Gorgeous – get ready to learn all about the influence of half-tucking your shirt!


The easiest to pull off, the front tuck is the classic go-to that I always opt for first. Simply flatten your top and tuck it in about an inch or so into your waistband. Adjust your top as needed for the perfect elevation to your look.

It can be a little trickier to pull off with a sweater, these babies are perfect for wearing with either the front or side half-tuck, although I definitely prefer the front for chunkier knits. Since sweaters tend to be on the larger side of things, the half-tuck is a great way to downsize the volume and keep you looking like your sleek and sophisticated self without fully drowning in knit.


This method of styling helps elongate the legs, keeping the waistband visible and keeping your oversized top from looking overwhelming. This bad boy is perfect for all different top styles, from flowy tees to button-up shirts and more.


Let’s take it up a notch to the side tuck. This bad boy is very similar to the front tuck, although better suited for button-up shirts or standard tees. Like I said before, flatten your top and tuck it in about an inch or so into the side of your waistband, adjusting it as needed afterwards for the perfect oversized appearance. If you're styling a button up leave the bottom slightly unbuttoned and tuck in one half of the shirt, either at the side or the front (take your pick!). Trust me, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous with this model-off-duty style.

Implementing the half-tuck to a super flowy blouse is the perfect way to add volume and drama to any ordinary look while still maintaining your totally hot feminine figure. Try experimenting with both the front and side half-tucks to see which best suits your particular blouse.

Whether you’re wearing a super oversized graphic tee or rocking your favorite simple v-neck, this method is totally perfect for keeping you from looking like you’re drowning in fabric. You can totally implement either the front or half tuck for this baby – either way, you’ll look totally amazing.


Hope this helps! Let me know which one you prefer.