Killer Blazers for $5.00, Yes they do EXIST!

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Ok, so I know you're wondering like....really did she get that BLAZER for 5.00. Well, yes indeed! I'm a lover of thrifting and I love the GW Boutique (GOODWILL). Listen hear, don't sleep on the GW Boutique because you could potentially come across some killer pieces. I've found Michael Kors, Forever 21, and Zara just to name a few and some of them pieces still had tags on them.


Blazer | Thrifted

Top | Topshop (similar)

Jeans | The Loft (similar)

Shoes | Zara (similar)

If you're game and not intimidated to search through racks and touch secondhand fabrics (like some of my friends are), here are my tips:

Tips to Finding a Killer Blazer for $5.00 at GOODWILL

  1. Find GoodWill (or Thrift Store) in a great location 

    • I've found GoodWill stores in wealthier neighborhoods typically have better quality brand clothing

  2. Find out the color for the week (if you find a blazer with a tag that color it would be an additional 50% price)

  3. Look in the Women and Men section

    • Men blazers are super chic & comfy and can be paired with some ripped skinny jeans to wear day or night.

  4. Look for solid color blazers

    • Getting solid color blazers vs patterns would give you more flexibility when styling your ensembles. It's all about mixing pieces to create various looks effortlessly.

  5. Examine the Blazer for any: rips, missing buttons, lining, holes, stains

    • Make sure if you see any rips, tears, or stains they appear to be salvageable

    • Missing Buttons: Gold or Silver you can always purchase replacements from Michaels or Joann's

  6. Don't worry if its not your size (meaning two sizes too big) you can always get it altered

  7. Don't buy items that you wouldn't buy at a retail store

    • You would just end up sending it right back to the thrift store

  8. Wash it (that's only if the fabric care states it). If not take it to the Dry Cleaners

That's it Luvs! I hope those tips were helpful.

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