You’ve just received a sought-after invite to an exclusive event. And then you scroll down to find those two dreaded words: dress code. With so many clothing options out there for women, it can be confusing as to what exactly that means. Are you expected to wear heels? Will your trusty little black dress fit the bill? To answer these and more of your burning dress code dilemmas, I’ve rounded up your go-to guide on the four most common dress codes.

Business Professional

For women especially, this implies a polished and fairly conservative ensemble. Go for dresses and skirts that fall either on or just below the knee. Other more modern additions include a pair of tailored dress pants matched with a blouse and blazer. One way to add some of your own personality is through beautiful feminine fabrics like silk or chiffon in your choice of blouse. Do steer clear of anything revealing or risqué however. If in doubt, cover up with a fitted blazer.

Business Casual

This is where things get a little trickier. Business casual started out as a way for office workers to get a break from their stiff suits and pencil skirts. Today though, the lines have become more blurred. Every company has its own culture but think of business casual as your formal workwear with an informal touch. A shift dress worn with a fitted blazer and wedge heels, for example? The basic premise is that you appear neat and put together yet more relaxed and approachable than traditional office wear.

Smart Casual

More and more companies are opting for a smart casual dress code these days, particularly those in the creative and tech sectors. And it makes sense too. Smart casual means we get to wear our typical weekend casual favorites only with a more structured, dressy touch. Think your beloved denim jeans matched with a pair of statement heels. Remember to keep it all color-coded and streamlined for an elegant appearance. 


It’s true that everyone’s opinion of casual is subjective. One benefit of a casual dress code is that you’ve got the choice of adding in more current fashion trends to your look. A fitted leather jacket over your floral sundress perhaps? Or maybe you have a thing for interesting textures like velvet or bolder prints and patterns? If you’re ever in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to stick to neutral shades like black or navy blue. The overall effect will be modern and urban while still sleek and polished. Dress code sorted!




You have your eyes for a Gucci bag or belt but it is too expensive? Don’t worry because every other trend-loving stylista has the same problem. You can have a nicely paying job but it's still too difficult to get all your favorite brands. The prices are often simply too high and the accessories are irresistible too. So what can you do?

Believe it or not but you can still buy plenty of pretty stuff from your favorite brands at a lower price. It may be difficult but it's not impossible. If you love fashion, then you obviously keep up with lifestyle magazines and, of course, your favorite brands. Therefore, you are always in the know when a certain event is going to take place. These often include sales and launches. And this means discounts.

Get your wallets and yourself ready, because I'm going to discuss multiple ways you can get your favorite brands at a low price:

Online Discounts

Check the online store for your favorite brand. They often feature time-based discounts. You need to purchase a certain product within a prescribed time limit to earn the discount. You will notice a considerable difference in price in comparison to the retail outlets.

Sale Events

This may be a bit of a hassle but if you really love that item, you can make the effort. Sales often take place annually, at the end of seasons or for clearance purposes. Sale seasons are pretty big in retail so it's pretty hard to miss the announcements if you use social media.

Loyalty Cards

It may not be possible with certain high-end brands but many retail fashion brands and boutiques will offer this feature. If you have been buying from the same brand for a few years, they will honor you with a loyalty card. The card can be used to avail special discounts.

Introductory or Promotional Discounts

Many brands offer introductory discounts when they launch a new product line. This is tricky because you may not be interested in the new products. However, it is a win-win situation in case it was exactly what you were waiting for. The time frame for discounts is quite limited so you have to be quick.

Outlet & Discount Stores

Outlets are a great place to score that one item you have been eyeing.  As well as, discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross. You may have to drive a little distance to an outlet mall or maybe hope to see it in a TJ Maxx but at least, you will finally get that dress you had on your wish list for weeks.

Exhibitions and Festivals

Popular brands, typically those that sell cosmetics, bed, and bath etc. will take part in exhibition events. Stalls are set up and often discounts are available to level out the competition field at the event. Do check if your favorite brand is participating in an event near you.

With a little bit of keeping up and quick action, you can certainly buy from your favorite brands at a low price.

Hope that helps guys!



“With good basics, you’ll have endless options.”

You might have spent hours standing in front of the closet, thinking what to wear today. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this, we all have been there! This question arises when your wardrobe is cluttered with a variety of clothes but nothing makes sense. To tackle this problem, reducing your closet down to basic wardrobe essentials that are organized in an easy to access manner can be very helpful.


Here are five main reasons why it is important to have basic wardrobe essentials:


#1 Simplifies Your Daily Routine:

When your wardrobe is based on basic essentials, you will not have to go through tons of pieces every morning to decide what to wear. These basics can be mixed and matched creatively to form a new outfit every day. Pick a basic top and pair it with your trusty pair of jeans and you are ready for the day. Feeling fancy? Add a textured jacket to amp up your outfit of the day.

#2 Look Good Every Day:

As your wardrobe consists of carefully selected basics that you know looks good on you, your clothes will make you look good and feel confident throughout the day. When you know can’t go wrong with a certain piece of clothing, you can wear it to most places with without having to spend hours on deciding what to wear. Here, we saved you some hours. You can thank us later!

#3 Saves You A Whole Lot Of Moolah:

The best part about having a basic wardrobe is that you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars buying clothes every season as layering up basics in different ways can get your through the year easily. This will not only save you a lot of moolah but also a lot of time. Your bank account will thank you for this, we bet!

#4 Makes Organization Easier:

The fewer clothes you own, the easier it will be to manage and organize them. All you will need is a day to clean and organize your closet completely and make your life hassle-free.  A less cluttered closet can also bring a lot of positive changes in your mind that can help you stay focused and clear throughout the day. We definitely need that, do you?

#5 You'll Feel Confident: 

The simplicity of sticking to the basics and feeling confident in the clothes you actually love will positively affect your personality and everyday life. It will not only make your life easier but also make you value the clothes that you own. 




Sunshine, blue skies and a warm springtime breeze. It can only mean one thing: beach season is back again! But if finding that perfect seaside ensemble fills you with more dread than excitement, fret not. With a few tips and tricks, you too can find that ideal swimsuit that not only hides your flaws, but accentuates your best assets too. All set? Let’s go shopping!

You’ve Got: A Bigger Bust

We know - sometimes it can seem that swimsuits are designed purely with petite bodies in mind. Not so! A bigger bust merely means looking for a swimsuit that offers added support where you need it most. Shop around for a bikini top that comes with built-in underwire and molded cups for added coverage and support. Think of it as shopping for a super-supportive bra with the added bonus of a cute design too!

You’ve Got: a Smaller Bust

On the opposite end of the spectrum lie those with smaller chest areas. Those swimsuits with uber-trendy embellishments and ruffled detailing are designed specifically with you in mind. When shopping for swimwear, look for suits with any sort of detailing across the chest. The more attention you can draw to your chest, the larger it will appear. Particularly flattering on smaller busts are bandeau styles with sparkles or fringes hanging down. Not only do the breasts appear shapelier, you’ll highlight your collarbone and shoulders in the process too.

You’ve Got: Larger Thighs and Hips

Did you know that most women share this body type? Pear-shaped ladies look best in swimsuits that even out the body’s proportions. You may be tempted into wearing a cover-all one-piece swimsuit but how about experimenting with a new style? A high-waisted bikini bottom is excellent at streamlining the hip and stomach area. Top it all off with a retro Marilyn Monroe style bikini top. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though: the compliments are about to come streaming in!


How to Discover Your Style-3.png

Who’s That Girl?

Quick question: How would you describe your personal style? Are you bubbly and spontaneous, preferring clothing that reflects your laidback joie de vivre? Or maybe you’re more career-driven, preferring power suits and stilettos as you seek out that next great business opportunity? Then again, maybe you’re a bit of both. The truth is, inside each of us lies a myriad of moods and temperaments, depending on the occasion… which is exactly where I step in. Today, I’d like to delve straight into the exciting journey to discovering your personal style!

It All Starts With a Vision Board

Websites like Pinterest and Tumblr have become fashion hotspots for a reason - they allow us to collect outfit ideas and inspiration into one easy-to-find visual album. Create your own look books filled with fashion influencers and style icons that truly speak to you. Are there any items that keep making an appearance? How about a celebrity whose outfits you keep wanting to emulate? Guess what - you may have just found your style spirit animal!

Get Real

Now we turn to your current closet. Think of outfits you’ve worn in the past. Is there any one item that rakes in the compliments whenever you wear it? It could be a dress that molds perfectly to your shape, or a pair of killer heels that give you a certain sway as you enter a room. Chances are, you feel at your most confident and comfortable when you wear them. Don’t underestimate the power of feel-good clothing - they’re your unknown secret style weapon!

Find Your Signature

By this point, you should have nailed your basic likes and dislikes; the bare bones of your style aesthetic. Now comes the time to play with accessories. Find a few handpicked accessories that really sum up your style identity. It could be a pair of oversized sunglasses or BIG gold hoops like I wear myself. Something as simple as a classic oversized watch can become your signature item that personalizes your everyday look. And just like that, you’re one step closer to that personalized badass wardrobe!




Sometimes shopping for jewelry can be difficult but if you stick with the basics, you can't go wrong. Recently, I added these Nova Rude "444 studs" to my jewelry collection. They are not your tradition classic stud and that's why I love them. They add a little oomph factor instead of wearing just a plain stud. Many times we neglect to having basic jewelry essentials because we're so caught up in just getting the outfit right. 

What should you add to your jewelry wardrobe?


 These NOVA RUDE earrings will certainly add some pop to your look.

Jewelry Staples Every Woman Needs 

STUD EARRINGS | Perfect for everyday! Studs go with every outfit and you can have fun with it by trying out a non-traditional stud like "Nova Rude" studs above.

WATCH | Yes, you still need a watch even though you have your cell phone. It's just a pure fashion item at this point because everyone lives on their phone. Now, this is your investment piece you wanna spend a few bucks on. Spend a little money on this gorgeous gem and go with something classic. Depending on your budget you can go Michael Kors up to a Rolex. Just shop classic!

SIMPLE NECKLACE | An easy yet simple necklace can instantly elevate your look. Perfect for a casual or evening look.

HOOP EARRINGS | If you've been following me for awhile you know gold hoops are just my thang! (yes, not thing but thang) Choose hoops that are proportion to your face, your hair, your neckline. The larger and thinner the more sexier option.

STATEMENT RING (also known as cocktail ring) | A great statement ring does not have to be real. The biggest celebs have admitted to wearing costume jewelry. Just be bold and adventurous, own it! 

STACKABLE RINGS | Outside of hoop earrings, stackable rings are probably my second fav must have. Simple and cute and looks gorgeous especially when your nails are done.

BANGLES | A staple every girl must have bright, bold, silver, or gold. Also, consider adding a cuff to mix in with your bangles. I tend to prefer my bangles in gold and stack them to complete my look. Get you some arm candy to add to your collection.

Jewelry Staples to Add To Your Collection